S rank Claymores

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S rank Claymores

Post by khakha1036 on Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:59 pm

Legendary claymores. They are top 1,2 from many times.
Teresa of the Faint Smile S ranked

Character stats:
500 dmgs         280%          2.55          5 target/ day        3500 HP         300%      800 HP,YKs/ 2 days
40%                 6000 YKs     190%       
Special Ability:

5 Blasts of Death (A):
5 Blasts of Death (A)
Description:Create 5 Sword Blasts that randomly sense 5 people and kill them if they're Yoma (only avaiable for Yomas,can't kill innocents)
S Rank Blessing (P):
S Rank Blessing (P)
Description:Bless outstanding the power of the A ranked.
Iron Will (P):
Iron Will (P)
Cost: None
Description:20% reduce 50% damage take.
The Judgement (A):
The Judgement (A)
Description:Cost 300% damage (ignore dodging). If target's HP is lower than 15% immidately death.
Awaken Light (A):
Awaken Light (A)
Description:Show your target a light, 30% make them being normal again.
Awakened Form:
2000 dmgs         380%          3.25          6 target/ day        7500 HP       500%      800 HP,YKs/ days
60%                 7500 YKs     220%


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